We strive to make a difference in the lives of small business owners throughout the Commonwealth of KY. We do this by providing the best, long-term financing needs for your business’s health and vitality. We do this by partnering with conventional, financial institutions and offering them upwards of 90%, total project financing while requiring at minimum 10% equity into the project.

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Will Fensterer

President at Capital Access Corporation-KY

Will began his career as a college intern at the CAC-KY offices in the spring of 2001. He was able to see what elements of the program works best for the customer and how to put it to work in the community. Will has been everywhere in the state of Kentucky and Southern Indiana touting the benefits of the SBA 504-loan program. As a result the CAC-KY has been a proverbial leader in the State seeing its “504” volume increase year after year.


Bill Fensterer

Former President at Capital Access Corporation-KY

Bill has over 30 years experience as a SBA 504-lender, economic development professional and banker. The number one item on his list of do-s is customer service. This separates the good from the not so good and makes a real difference in how a client is treated. Bill is very active in the day to day operation of the organization and makes it a point to stay in contact with all his borrowers and partnering lenders.


Susie Redman

Vice President / Operations

Susie has spent the last 18 years working primarily with the SBA 504-loan industry. She has been with CAC-KY since it began in 1998 and was with the Louisville/Jefferson Office for Economic Development for 16 years with the last 8 focusing on SBA lending. She has a world of expertise in this area and has a great knack for figuring out how to make a deal doable.